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We Have Customized Document Destruction Plans

At Secure Shred LLC, we offer our services to companies that are small or large and any where in between. We’re available to take on any job no matter the size. We’re confident, based upon our history and experience, our customized paper shredding and recycling schedules will meet your needs.

We can’t stress enough why it’s very important to destroy sensitive or confidential documents. Shredding and disposing of these materials will help protect your customers and clients from identify theft and more. Some companies don’t have a choice because destroying certain types of information is the law! The health and financial industries are prime examples of industries that must abide by this law. We invite you to learn more about our on-site disposal and recycling services.

We  make it very easy for businesses to get in touch with us. We realize that everyone is different and they have their own preference. Some people like to send emails while others prefer to get on the phone and talk to a person. Contact Secure Shred image show their truck in a parking lot. It has 4 of their bins beside the truck.Then there are those that like to fill out a contact form online.

If you choose to give us a call and get our voicemail, that means we’re probably in the middle of destroying some sensitive documents. Please leave us a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.

If you send us an email or submit the contact form, we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours.

You make the choice how to contact Secure Shred with one of our convenient methods. We look forward to hearing from you and ripping your papers and documents to shreds!


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